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Playing Bad Hands in Video Poker

When you play video poker there are times when you are dealt a bad hand. If you play the popular “Jacks or Better” you will get bad hands that you have to deal with. How do you make the best of the bad hands?

The hands that can be the toughest to play are those with no pairs and no draws where you have two high cards. What do you hold? If you happen to have two suited high cards then you hold those and go for the royal flush. With many other hands you simply hold the face card and redraw or if it is really bad you might redraw everything. There are going to be hands where you have no high cards and no real draw so oftentimes the best choice is to simply discard everything and redraw.

Everyone will get dealt bad hands in video poker at the online casino and for the most part it is all about surviving and making the most out of the hand. Most of the decisions are pretty easy but keep in mind that your goal is to hit the jackpot. You might have to hold that Jack-Ten suited simply to go for the Royal Flush instead of holding just the Jack which is the higher percentage play or an immediate return.

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