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04-02-14 -

How often do you hold the ace when playing online video poker?

03-06-14 -

Have you tried out All American Video Poker at the online casino?

02-12-14 -

When you play online video poker the goal is to hit the royal flush.

01-04-14 -

When you play video poker you may not be aware that there are a lot of different varieties available at the online casino.

12-03-13 -

When you play online video poker you need to have a strategy to win the most money.

11-07-13 -

Top Three Video Poker Tips

10-02-13 -

If you are playing video poker then your goal should be to hit the jackpot.

09-10-13 -

When you play video poker you will make more money if you avoid making mistakes.

08-12-13 -

If you want to try out a different type of video poker at the online casino you may want to try out Tens or Better video poker.

07-06-13 -

Have you ever tried out video poker software to improve your game?

06-07-13 -

Video Poker Skill

05-13-13 -

Video Poker a Win Win for Online Casinos and Players Alike

04-08-13 -

Video Poker a Casino in and of Itself

03-12-13 -

Video Poker Draws Bigger Business by the Day

02-12-13 -

How do you go about picking the best online video poker machine to play?

01-17-13 -

The poker craze is in full swing.

12-09-12 -

Let’s look at some simple video poker tips you can use at the online casino.

11-19-12 -

Let’s take a look at some of the facts and myths surrounding this popular online casino game

10-16-12 -

When it comes to video poker strategies there is definitely a difference in how you play the game based on the type of machine you are playing whether it is Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, etc.

09-11-12 -

What type of video poker should you play at the online casino, single hand or multi-hand?

08-20-12 -

Have you ever played Over Poker at the online casino? It is a form of video poker with one main difference.

08-20-12 -

One of the most popular video poker machines at the online casino is the Jacks or Better machine.

07-12-12 -

It is all about the payouts when you play online video poker.

06-12-12 -

If you play video poker then you absolutely must pay attention to the pay table when picking the best machines at the online casino.

05-10-12 -

Did you know that on some video poker machines you can actually “double down” or “double up” after you win?

04-09-12 -

One of the variations of video poker that you can play at online casinos is Jokers Wild.

03-14-12 -

When you play video poker there will be some hands where you don’t have anything but are looking to draw to a paying hand.

02-26-12 -

One of the more popular online casino games is video poker and of the different varieties is Deuces Wild.

01-09-12 -

Have you ever heard the term “full pay video poker”?

12-14-11 -

Did you know that there are online video poker games that have progressive jackpots?

11-20-11 -

Video poker is one of those games that appeals to virtually everyone. It is easy enough to play but there are also decisions to make

10-17-11 -

Did you know that there is actually a pay table you should pay attention to when you choose which video poker machine to play?

09-13-11 -

Video poker is a great game to play at the online casino whether it is for free or for real money.

08-18-11 -

Video poker is a great game to play and one that nearly everyone has tried at one time or another.

07-26-11 -

Playing Video Poker by the Numbers

06-22-11 -

Video Poker Prep

05-09-11 -

Video Poker - The Evolution of a Mega Hit

04-06-11 -
Video Poker continues to explode in popularity with the online casino gaming community as online betting websites are adding additional video poker games with more features to appeal to the demand for action
03-08-11 -
Video Poker rivals anything else in the online gambling industry as far as traffic and popularity
02-08-11 -
Among the many appealing aspects that have fueled the rapid rise and growth in video poker is that there are countless variations and spin off games that are being developed.
01-12-11 -
Your best Video Poker strategy begins with selecting the ideal online casino for you.
12-12-10 -
Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games, both offline and on the Web.
11-12-10 -
Video poker made its entry to the casino in the seventies; and today one of the most popular forms of gambling.
10-08-10 -
Online video poker is becoming increasingly popular.
09-08-10 -
The worldwide online poker craze has been well documented...
08-08-10 -
07-08-10 -  
06-12-10 -
05-10-10 -
04-15-10 Video Poker Variety Infinite with Online Casinos
If “variety is the spice of life” then online casino video poker is the place to be because the variety of games and options has never been greater and continues to grow at a rapid rate, as do the progressive jackpots for Royal Flush hands and other variations.
03-15-10 Video Poker Knowledge Lessens House Edge
The more knowledge that a player develops about all of the intricacies of online poker the more he will take away from the house edge when playing.
02-05-10 Top Video Poker Tips
Most people think that playing video poker involves no strategy and that you don’t need any skill to play.

Video Poker Quietly Draws Plenty of Action
Video Poker is not the same game as traditional poker or even the standard online poker games that are found in card rooms all over the World Wide Web.

12-16-09 Video Poker Variations
In this era of an online casino poker craze that has taken the world by storm there is a different variation of poker that you can play online that gets lost in all of the attention of Texas Hold’em tournaments taking place at online poker rooms on a non stop basis.
11-16-09 Video Poker Strategy
Many people that play video poker are going to try and hit a pair or a flush or a straight and continue playing.
10-06-09 Progressive Video Poker Look
With progressive video poker machines a percentage of each bet made by players on the video poker network goes into the jackpot.
09-06-09 Video Poker Rewards
Video poker continues to be a popular game at online casinos. It is a very easy game to understand and one in which you can win money.
08-06-09 Video Poker Tips
Here is a look at some of the tips that will help you make more money, play longer, and hit more jackpots.
07-06-09 Exciting And Fun
An exciting and fun online casino game is video poker.
06-06-09 Video Poker Is Popular
Video poker is one of the most popular online casino games.
05-06-09 Video Poker Winning Tips
Do you think you can make money playing video poker?
04-06-09 Video Poker Is Easy
Playing video poker is extremely easy to do and very simple to understand.
03-06-09 Video Poker Decisions
When you are online video poker you have many different options.
02-06-09 Video Poker Jackpots
As you play online video poker you really want to hit a jackpot. That is the way to win money when you play video poker.
01-03-09 Great Poker Alternative
Video Poker is a great alternative and version of regular
poker in which it comes down to man against machine.
12-02-08 Video Poker 101
Video poker is similar to regular poker except that you are not playing against other poker players but instead just playing “one-on-one” against the video poker machine.
11-02-08 Video Poker Facts
The world wide online poker craze is well known and documented but the vast majority of attention seems to be on Texas Hold’em, Stud, and Omaha.
10-02-08 Conception of Video Poker
When you think of poker, or online poker, you think of a table of players with various different chip stacks and strategies.
09-02-08 Video Poker Dominance
Video poker has long been a favorite game for gamblers throughout the world and especially in the United States.
08-02-08 Video Poker Myth
Video poker has long been a popular game on the Las Vegas strip casino floor rooms and it’s easy to understand why.
07-02-08 Video poker’s popularity
There is more to the online poker craze than just countless Texas Hold ‘em tournaments and cash games, or Omaha, Stud, or Razz for that matter.
06-02-08 Ultimate Online Casino Game
Video Poker has increased in popularity both at brick and mortar casinos but also at online casino gambling websites.
05-05-08 Video Poker Cult
Video Poker has increased in popularity both at brick and mortar casinos but also at online casino gambling websites.
03-30-08 Video Poker Story
Online video poker has become one of the most popular forms of online casino gambling as it offers some characteristics that are preferable to gamblers over regular poker.
03-30-08 Video Poker Rage
Video Poker is definitely not only hot and exciting in land based casinos but at online casinos as well.
01-04-08 Video Poker Explosion Video poker has literally EXPLODED in popularity both on the Las Vegas strip and at online casino gambling websites and the reasons are as numerous and valid as are the video poker players themselves.
12-04-07 Video Poker Craze Video poker has taken on-site/in-person casinos by storm in recent years, going hand in hand with the world wide poker craze going on over the past decade. 
11-04-07 Video Poker Features Video poker, much like slots, is highly popular because it is a way to gamble without having to deal with people.
10-04-07 Video Poker Fact Video poker became an alternative to gamblers in the 1970’s and quickly zoomed ahead in popularity as it offers a low house edge, good chances for profit for those willing to do a little homework, (and also the chance for large jackpots), and anonymity for those who don’t like dealing with other players and dealers.
05-04-07 Video Poker Rhythm Video poker, we believe, is a superb pastime and a nice break from the regular poker tables as it still requires skill and knowledge of the game.
03-13-07 How Video Poker Came About
Video Poker is a combination of a poker game and a slot machine:
03-13-07 Video Poker Swinging for the Fences
Do you really want to win money playing online video poker?

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Video Poker Articles

Video Poker Rhythm
Proponents of online casino video poker say that a player can develop a rhythm when playing the machine.

Deuces Wild Video Poker
In Deuces Wild video poker, a 2 is considered a wild card.

Swinging for the Fences
Do you really want to win money playing online video poker? If you answer yes, then you better learn to swing for the fences.

Video Poker Origin
The first Video Poker machine was built in 1976 by Bally Manufacturing.

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